Frithjof Bergmann and development in South Africa

Frithjof Bergmann is working world-wide since 30 years on New Work New Culture with main vision the transformation from Industrial to small-scale community production creating a new self-determined and meaningful life-style and culture.

At the end of this week he will go to South Africa to suggest how to develop a huge unused land area and he is searching for practical solutions. Creating a basic workshop and replicating the construction GVCS machines could be one part of that. He is searching for people who know technically how to start from scratch and especially in the context of Africa. If you have any ideas or can connect him with people who are working on similar goals in Africa you can email him at: newworkannarbor in gmail dot com

You can listen to our 30 minutes conversation (in German) and check the 2 minutes video (in English) where he explains shortly the background and needs.

You can find more about his work in English, German, his books and publications.

Update from Austria with Franz Nahrada:

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  1. Hi I am trying to get hold of Frithjof Bergmann. I was the first South African to visit him in Ann Arbor in 2000. I am also looking for his New Work books. Can you help me get in touch with him.

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