Wendland and Open Source Ecology

I presented Open Source Ecology to few people in Wendland and they really liked it. Now we are planning a follow-up meeting with makers and companies.

Wendland is known in Germany for the planned disposal of nuclear waste. Because of this problem many people here are very aware on sustainability topics. 25% of the produced food is organic. 100% of the produced energy in the region is renewable energy. The disadvantages of the region are less population and less local manufacturing which can be turned into advantage with conscious effort.

The Open Source Ecology ideas fit perfectly in such a region. The democratization of the means of production will enable a lot of people and companies to build machines relevant for the development of the region at a much faster and innovative way. Creating sustainable products and environments and the growth of free education and open innovation will attract a lot of new people in the region. Locally produced Open Source Cars fueled by locally produced biogas could set just one of great examples to follow.

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