We are starting to design a wind turbine

We outlined the first design aspects of the wind turbine project. The link points to the OSE wiki entry where you can read about the details. If you have any corrections or hints, or just want to participate in the development of the wind turbine, then please feel free to contact us! 🙂

OSE Community – People and Location

Open Source is great! To date people know about Open Source mostly from the software development. We want to go one step further into Open Source Hardware and the flourishing of an Open Source Society. For that we are searching for people who want to live out the open source idea in a community. For […]

Beta Berlin Mixer Event, 5.2

We will get different movements together in Betahaus, Berlin. Every movement will make a short presentation and after that there will be a short discussion. So far OSE Germany, Sourcefabric and MakerLab have confirmed. There are two more open slots for movements working as Start Up, Commons, Hacker Spaces, Social Business. OSE Germany would be […]

OSE Germany as a Network

The most important goal of Open Source Ecology is creating an open source economy. Economy in which people are creating, improving, open sourcing and sharing economically significant information, products, processes and ways of living. The time is ripe and we need to enable the participation of more people so that this common wealth be created […]

Creating OSE Community in Germany

Paradigms are shifting and new practical solutions are needed. This year we want to start an Open Source Ecology (OSE) community in Germany and we are looking for a Dedicated Team to make this happen. The people involved in the project will be sharing openly and for free economically significant information. We want to open […]

OSE Germany Status 10.09.2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3AUONpfz1A Mistakes, Association, OSEG Board It is long-time since our last report. We made few mistakes. Our major mistake and obstacle is that we are still very few people working on the active tasks. Our goals are too important and impossible to be carried out by just 4-5 people, most of whom are working only […]

IT/Web support needed

Our responsibilities are growing and people with experience in PHP, CSS, WordPress, Wikimedia and phpBB can help us tremendously with the Wiki, theme design and other software tasks. For more information, please contact Nikolay. Thank You!

Workshop for the first OpenEcoLab in Munich

The OpenEcoLan Munich is the first free Workshop of Open Source Ecology Germany (OSEG). OpenEcoLabs are like FabLabs, community operated workshops in which Research & Development of Open Source Hardware and Machines is possible. In this way we adapt and live the Open Source Culture in the real world. Through the different OSEG projects, developed […]

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