Open Source Hardware & Open Design Meetup Berlin #1, 7. Juni 2014

OPEN SOURCE HARDWARE and OPEN DESIGN are moving forward! Let’s start with community meetups in Berlin to learn from each other, connect us and expand the movement.

The first Meetup will kick off on Saturday June 7th at 4pm within the context of the SharingCityWeek / OuiShare Summit Berlin at Supermarkt (Brunnenstraße 64).

We will start with a presentation by the Berlin based designer Lukas Wegwerth who will introduce us to the Open Structures project and the development of a construction system within OpenStructures.

After that we will have an open Show & Tell where everybody is invited to share a project, ideas or questions and we will discuss all questions around technical details, documentation, business models and growing an open source hardware and open design network in Berlin. And we have already interesting people that will probably show up there. There is an open document for this part where you can put your name in:

Facebook Event.

Please spread the word

The Meetup is organized by: Open Source Ecology Germany, the Open It Agency, OWi & The Year of Open Source/Camera Libre or

Jenni, Lars, Nikolay, Sam & Alex

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