Support wanted: Microcontroller development for the Wind Turbine Controller

We are working on the completely open and modular research platform for wind energy: TiVA Turbine. -> Tiny Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and need support for the development of the microcontroller (Software and Hardware) of the wind turbine.


  • Platform AVR (Arduino) or MSP430 Value Line or another low-priced alternative (chipKIT?)
  • Language C / Assembler, source code will be licensed under CC-BY-SA in our git repository.


  • Development environment either Arduino (32kb Flash, 8bit MCU) or Texas Instruments MSP430 Value Line LaunchPad (16bit MCU). Wilssen consists of one or more microcontrollers and digital and analog electronic components, which can be populated if needed
  • Energy monitoring with Shunt+OpAmp or ICs an ADC/SPI of more phases (cost report)
  • Voltage monitoring of all phases (True RMS, option for galvanic isolation)
  • Option for Waveform Sampling
  • NRF24L01+ 2.4Ghz radio communication (best with Mesh Network)
  • Logging on MicroSD
  • RGB LED PWM control
  • Charging logic limited to 4 NiMH cells / 1 gel battery (best with Delta-Peak disconnection)

If you can help or suggest improvements, please contact Alex Shure.

Thank you!

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