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Open Source is great!

To date people know about Open Source mostly from the software development. We want to go one step further into Open Source Hardware and the flourishing of an Open Source Society. For that we are searching for people who want to live out the open source idea in a community. For example machine building, electrical engineering and farming. Every aspect that contributes to the creation of a sustainable society should be covered. Such collaborative work will boost much quicker the local economy. In the US there is already a forming model community, Factor E Farm, researching renewable energies, building houses with self-built machines and documenting their progress openly in Internet.

We want to get people together who have the skills or just the desire to build lifetime machines, houses, thriving eco systems and healthy human relationships. If you want to participate, send us a message in the open Google Group.

The location should have space for organic farming and there two possibilities for this:

  • Start on land from scratch, which could be intensive and time consuming
  • Join existing community or a small town where people are already living sustainably to some degree and are enthusiastic about the free sharing of knowledge.

If you would like to offer such a land or live in such a community, send email to Nikolay: nikolay.h.georgiev at gmail

We are documenting the OSE Community development in our Wiki.

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