OSE Germany as a Network

The most important goal of Open Source Ecology is creating an open source economy. Economy in which people are creating, improving, open sourcing and sharing economically significant information, products, processes and ways of living. The time is ripe and we need to enable the participation of more people so that this common wealth be created and distributed to as many people as possible. To enable this we need to create an open network of diverse groups of people, organizations, companies and universities, in the villages and in the cities, who are organically working together.

As a network it is important to consider that the work being done by the people in and outside of the network is the most important one! We will be working with different organizations and we don’t want to get into identity conflicts stopping the creation and distribution of the common work. We want to unite different people and organizations in the creation of the common wealth.

We believe that everyone of us can contribute a lot – young people, schools, teachers, students, professors, grown-ups, elders, organizations, companies and others. Everyone can participate in the network, propose and start projects. Organically people within and outside of the network will help each other.

In the next few days we will create the initial technical infrastructure for the network and explain how people can participate.

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