OSE Germany Status 10.09.2012


Mistakes, Association, OSEG Board

It is long-time since our last report. We made few mistakes. Our major mistake and obstacle is that we are still very few people working on the active tasks. Our goals are too important and impossible to be carried out by just 4-5 people, most of whom are working only in their free time. We need to find more people and liberate the time of the people who are contributing most to the project. This is the case with the wind turbine and with the creation of the association, where I and Thomas spent about 4 weeks to clear out what is an association in Germany, how it works, how can we do it in the open way we want it, legally, and write the constitution. If we had professional support we could squeeze this time to 1 week! Currently we still need a professional lawyer to give us feedback on the constitution. If you know somebody let’s connect.

Another mistake we made was that in some cases we didn’t act on our priorities. To fix that we created the OSEG Board where we show all the areas we are working on, like publicity, organizational development and so on, and their corresponding priorities, tasks to be done and tasks done. You can see the OSEG Board in the Wiki. It is still under development but the major functionalities are there.

Wind Turbine

  • Achmed is preparing the technical infrastructure and software like OpenCL for simulating highly complex flow systems.
  • We still need support on the development of the microcontroller.
  • We plan to start fundraising for the wind turbine. We are looking for a fundraiser, who understands the Open Source Economy, has the same values and wants to make long-term sustainable solutions a reality. Any connections to such people would help us immensely. This week we will improve the communication and website for that.
  • Another effective help for the fundraising would be an already existing association which can receive the donations for us and give them further to the project.

Zn/O Fuel Cell
Oliver Schlüter started a new project – Zinc-Air Cell and a ZnO-Recycler – for long-term energy storage. It would be great if more co-developers join the project. You can find the current roadmap and work in the Wiki.

OpenEcoLab Munich
We really need more people to start an OpenEcoLab in Munich.

We often need some IT work in the Wiki, WordPress, PHP, Javascript and CSS development. It would help us a lot if there are some people to give us a hand here.

We improved our communication on the Open Source Economy and our Values in the Wiki. This week we will concentrate on communicating Why we care about this work and what are the implications. In my speech at the KarmaKonsum conference I communicated mostly about What we are doing, thinking that people can understand the reasons and implications, but then I got the feedback that this wasn’t the case and this week I will spend more time on that.

This will be also my preparation for the Transition Towns conference from 21-23. September in Witzenhausen, Germany. Transition Towns are open network where people self-organize in the cities and towns to localize the economy. Goals very similar like ours and we will be working together. You can support the Transition movement by donating here.

Wish you all fruitful work!

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