Invitation: Project Meeting OSE Berlin

Dear Friends,

We want to begin a 2014 Open Source Hardware pilot project, and warmly welcome you collectively to help in its planning and development. This will lay the symbolic cornerstone for future projects in Berlin.

Open Source Ecology (OSE) is a public movement that develops Open Source Technologies in the sectors of machine production, architecture, ecological agriculture, renewable energy and transport – from tools to tractors and wind turbines. The Technologies are continually assessed according to OSE’s basic values of sustainability, reproducibility and modularity, DIY capabilities, and improved ecological design. OSE technologies will be made freely available to the worldwide community online. The goal: to speed up local and global innovation that promotes environmental sustainability and cooperative coexistence.

We invite you to …

hand in project suggestions
… make suggestions for the building of machines and devices until March 21. You can therefore fill them into the following document: ->

take part in the decision and the building process
… meet us at ThinkFarm Berlin, Oranienstr. 183, on friday, March 21. Come out to get to know one another, discuss projects, and collectively decide the next project to implement in the coming months.

We’re looking forward to great project ideas, and working together with energetic people to make a difference!

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