OSE Germany Status 25.09.2012

Wind Turbine
We are extremely happy that the planraum e.V. from Regensburg, Germany, will help us with receiving the donations and forwarding them to the development. This means that you can receive donation receipts and possibly get 20% of your donation back from the tax office (Finanzamt). For OSEG this means that we will put aside the creation of the OSEG association until it is really necessary – we don’t want lose our precious time with bureaucracy. The Planraum is helping us hugely in this regard! Thank You Waldo, Andreas and everyone from the Planraum!

Transition Conference:
Great event. So warm people. Katja, Farid, Sonja, Gerd, Anke, Monika, Margrit, Götz and everyone else. The OSE presentation was a mix of presentation and talking to friends. When Steffi from the Commune Niederkaufungen heard what we want to do, she immediately brought Marek, the mechanist from Niederkaufungen to the conference – a great open source guy. We identified 4 projects he will be working on and we will support them: Filamaker, Rolling Cultivator, mini tractor and 1-5KW Induction furnace. You can check the current needs in the Wiki. We will publish more about these projects soon. We open sourced initial informations about his welding table.

On the other hand I met an organic farmer who with his friends are planing to build combined heat and power systems (Cogeneration, Blockheizkraftwerke) and put them in cars. They have the companies for that and have the desire to go open source! I am continually meeting people who want to build a truly open source car – we just need to connect and start working on that.

Combined Charcoal Ceramic Oven
Jochen from Transition Birkenfeld wants to build an open source Combined Charcoal Ceramic Oven. You can check the videos in German to understand his idea.

Priorities and Next Steps
Just for 2 days I experienced the power of expanding the OSEG network and we created valuable results. I can only say that creating the most open and biggest network on Open Source Technologies will be one of our highest priorities in Germany. This will be my highest priority in the next weeks. Before starting to connect with the people I want to prepare the ground by: Communicating in a blog post and video – what, why, implications, how to engage.

At the same time we continue work on the already existing projects.

Thank You Beluga for helping us with the graphics. Thank You LennStar for the advices on the association.

Wish you all dedicated and fruitful work!

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