Connecting in Berlin Nov. 2012

I, Nikolay, am in Berlin till the end of November, possibly longer.

The main goals in Berlin are:
1) find the people who want to develop Open Source Technologies and/or an OSE Workshop (OpenEcoLab, the Open Source TechShop).
2) find the Organizations, who want to or are developing Open Source Technologies – cooperations, associations and enterprises.

The possible projects are diverse: wind turbines, batteries, plastic shredders and extruders, electro cars and more.

If I find the appropriate people, I may stay in Berlin for longer and co-develop OSE here.

The question is how to find the real makers who understand OSE and engage in it by their intrinsic motivation? The people who really care about sustainable open source technogical and economical development? The people who don’t just talk about it, like it and wait for it to happen, but actively co-develop it? The people who can take the first step, then make firmly the second step towards this open vision?

To be honest I don’t know. I am making this whole process fully transparent in this Etherpad: so that anyone can see it and give feedback and suggestions. All my contacts are here:

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