Invitation to decide on a communication channel for Open Source Technologies

Our goal is unite as many people as possible in the development of Open Source Technologies. One part of this are the open communication platforms. As first step we want to create a common information channel to optimize the information flow about open source technologies in the German speaking countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein.

Main goal: Spread informations about Open Hardware quickly with one message to everyone.

UPDATE: Please read the update at the end of this blog post.

Information flow means in this case:

  • One message should reach immediately everyone in the channel, who is interested to receive the messages
  • Spreading all kind of informations about open source technologies
  • existing and new Open Source projects
  • Needs, offers, desires, workshops, people, crowdfunding etc.
  • Networking (introducing yourself to everyone).
  • spread concrete technical questions (concrete technical answers could be possible, but the focus of this the channel is not on expert knowledge, but on the spreading of informations.

Requirements are:

  • the communication is readable by everyone, even people who are not in the channel.
  • only people who are in the channel are able to send messages.
  • >5000 people can be in the channel
  • Notifications can be setup personally: on, off. (Optional: only from some people or everything summarized)

If you want to decide with everyone else on such a channel, please add yourself in the Etherpad under the “MENSCHEN” part:

Decisions will be made from the people, who in the Etherpad, those who want and need this information channel. Our proposal is (UPDATED in order to invite more people and organizations):

  • Until 25.11.2012, 20:00 get all suggestions for the information channel.
  • Until 27.11.2012, 20:00 decide on one channel.

The decision method could be systemic consensing or another one.

Concrete Proposals:
Our concrete proposal is a Facebook Group. We don’t like the politics of Facebook, but currently they are offering maybe the best possibility for easily reaching a lot of people. Please read additional infos of the proposal in the Etherpad and feel free to improve it.

We are also open to other proposals. The community should decide together which channel is best. Please add other proposals in the Etherpad:

Dont’ forget to invite other people and organizations who may be interested.

UPDATE: We couldn’t connect to and invite so quickly the people we wanted. Mostly people who we already knew joined the effort. That’s why we will continue expanding the network first through personal relationships and then later decide on a communication channel. We are also preparing a good option, we believe, for a communication plattform.

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