Workshop for the first OpenEcoLab in Munich

The OpenEcoLan Munich is the first free Workshop of Open Source Ecology Germany (OSEG). OpenEcoLabs are like FabLabs, community operated workshops in which Research & Development of Open Source Hardware and Machines is possible. In this way we adapt and live the Open Source Culture in the real world. Through the different OSEG projects, developed decentralized and on site in the OpenEcoLabs, we are creating step by step an Open Source Economy, an economy that optimizes both the production and distribution of goods, machines and hardware, while providing environmental regeneration and social justice.

Everyone is warmly welcome to participate in the OpenEcoLab’s projcets or to start their own Open Source projects in the workshop. Most importantly is always to have fun and the motivation to do something good and meaningful. Especially engineers and hackers from Munich are warmly welcome to visit the OpenEcoLab. We believe you will be inspired! 🙂

Search Criteria

Currently we are searching for an appropriate place with a workshop. Our search criteria are:

  • It should be in or near Munich – best would on a (small) farm
  • It should be easily reachable by S-Bahn/Bus/U-Bahn, best would be to the north of Munich
  • It should have a big workshop (100qm+ hall would be great)
  • If there is a land nearby that could be used by us and that could be cultivated or to place a trailer: Outstanding!
  • A stream would be great, groundwater and well would be awesome
  • Strong power connection 400V (3-phase current) + 230V is a must
  • Running water (cold) is a must
  • Internet connection is optional – if absent, we will make it.
  • Sanitary installations should be already there
  • Optimal: Workshop permission is already issued

For questions and suggestions please contact Aron Homberg.

Donations and Commodity Contributions

For the realization of the project we need monthly and onetime donations. If you are interested in the OpenEcoLab Munich and you want to support it, please enter your name and contacts in the Wiki.

You can find more about the OpenEcoLab in the Wiki.

Please spread this blog to interested parties and your friends. Thank you!

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