Visiting Aachen, Bonn, Cologne

Next week (16.-22. April) I will go to the north west part of Germany in Aachen, Bonn, Köln and possibly others to meet with different people and organizations who are doing any of the following:

  • want or are developing sustainable technologies for the people in the sectors: agriculture, house building, renewable energy, transport, manufacturing
  • engineers and students willing to engage in open source hardware
  • professors willing to engage in open source hardware
  • follow open source principles
  • retired professionals willing to develop technologies for the people
  • want to strengthen the local economy
  • want to create jobs for their community
  • engaged in sustainability and ecology projects
  • engaged in open democratic associations. We need legal advice how to create an open scalable OSE Germany association. More about that in the next blog post.
  • with experience in natural building (earth and strawbales) in Germany
  • want to spread about OSE in their region and form local groups
  • project managers willing to engage in OSE Germany
  • networkers
  • forming or existing communities living in a sustainable way
  • subject matter experts on some of the GVCS technologies:

Any connections with such people and organizations would be very helpful! Thank you!

My current schedule (will be kept up to date) is:
16.04 at 16:00 in Aachen – Open OSE Meeting. Participants: Nikolay, Achmed. Mobile or email contact: Nikolay
16.04 at 17:30 in Aachen – meet with Frank Piller (open innovation and mass customization)
18.04 at 18:30 in Aachen – present OSE in FabLab Aachen
19.04 at 08:35 – Interview for Hochschulradio Aachen.
19.04 in Cologne – Open OSE Meeting. Participants: Nikolay, Frederic, You. Mobile or email contact: Nikolay
19.04 at 19:00 in Cologne – Visiting the FabLab Dingfabrik.
20.04 – back in Darmstadt

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