Media Designer for OSEG

We are searching for a Media Designer: to create icons for the different technologies we are developing (like the GVCS 50 icons below). See our current projects like Yard Loader, Rolling Cultivator and others. Preferred are vector file formats like *.svg (with the Open Source Inkscape). to visualize with icons the different sectors of the […]

OSE Germany Status 25.09.2012

Wind Turbine We are extremely happy that the planraum e.V. from Regensburg, Germany, will help us with receiving the donations and forwarding them to the development. This means that you can receive donation receipts and possibly get 20% of your donation back from the tax office (Finanzamt). For OSEG this means that we will put […]

Carla Cargo Bike Trailer

Markus Bergmann, Lamy and Dirk from Freiburg are working on an Open Source Bike Trailer, with which one can transport 50-150kg vegetables and other goods. The projects is aligned with the Open Source Ecology vision and can be supported on The roadmap is: Till February: organize money and sponsors, Crowdfunding, continue parallel 3D CAD […]

Saftstraße – the Juice Street

Saftstraße is a new German Wiki for Open Hardware Components for the utilization of fruits and the produciton of fruit juice. A Juice Press (JE60) (about 100l per hour) was already developed and documented. Next year they will develop pasteurizer (continuous-flow water heater on wood fire). You can register yourself on WikiWoods for the workshop.

Open Ecology Economy Fair in Berlin, 26-29. Sep

The Open Ecology Economy Fair (Offenes Ökologie-Ökonomie-Festival) will be an open decentralized “Guerilla Festival” in Berlin Kreuzberg, near Moritzplatz and Oranienplatz, from 26. – 29. September 2013. We show, develop and test together ideas for an ecologically and economically sustainable future. Become an exhibitor and co-create the program Support and co-develop the fair! Become a […]

Fundraising: Open Source Soilfeeder Pot und Juice Extractor

Our friends from the OYA magazine along with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Otterpohl from TU Hamburg started a fundraising to open source a soilfeeder pot and a juice extractor. You can see the working mechanism of the soilfeeder pot in Terra Preta Sanitation – 6. Highly productive organic farming. Its principle is introduced by the […]

30C3 – Chaos Communication Congress 2013

At least Alex Shure will be present at the 30C3. If you have any questions about Open Source Ecology, Open Source Ecology Germany or just want to meet in person, feel free to get in touch. You can reach us via mail or phone, preferably via the free and open source, secure messenger Telegram (a […]

Invitation: Project Meeting OSE Berlin

Dear Friends, We want to begin a 2014 Open Source Hardware pilot project, and warmly welcome you collectively to help in its planning and development. This will lay the symbolic cornerstone for future projects in Berlin. Open Source Ecology (OSE) is a public movement that develops Open Source Technologies in the sectors of machine production, […]

Tools for carthorses and vegetable cultivation

Klaus Strüber, an organic farmer and mechanical engineer fro the farm Hollergraben is building two Open Source tools for gardening: Cultivator for Horses “Eco Flow” to prepare fine seedbeds for vegetable cultivation. It should work better than the classical ones on the market. Onion Planter as an alternative to manual work and expensive market tools. […]

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