Online Meeting on Finanacing

On 7. May, Monday, at 20:30 we will have a Skype meeting on ideas about financing the OSE Germany activities. Currently three people will participate. You are free to participate, please see the current agenda and add yourself with your topics and ideas: Skype contact for the meeting: nikolay.h.georgiev Result from the meeting: Daniel […]

Frithjof Bergmann and development in South Africa

Frithjof Bergmann is working world-wide since 30 years on New Work New Culture with main vision the transformation from Industrial to small-scale community production creating a new self-determined and meaningful life-style and culture. At the end of this week he will go to South Africa to suggest how to develop a huge unused land area […]

Invitation to decide on a communication channel for Open Source Technologies

Our goal is unite as many people as possible in the development of Open Source Technologies. One part of this are the open communication platforms. As first step we want to create a common information channel to optimize the information flow about open source technologies in the German speaking countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein. […]

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