First Team Meeting in Berlin – 25/26. May

We had our first open team meeting in C-Base in Berlin on 25. and 26. May. The most valuable was that met each other physically and we shared about ourselves. Aron is a professional IT software developer inspired by open hardware. Nikolay has dedicated his life to OSE. Alex is a professional hardware developer. Hermann […]

OSE Germany Status 9 May

Web Infrastructure Thomas translated some Wiki pages in German You can create your open profile in English and German NEED: we need IT help with JavaScript, WordPress plugins and Wiki code OSE Presentation and OSE Video Nikolay worked last week and continues this week NEED: for the OSE Video we need people to produce animations […]

Online Meeting on Finanacing

On 7. May, Monday, at 20:30 we will have a Skype meeting on ideas about financing the OSE Germany activities. Currently three people will participate. You are free to participate, please see the current agenda and add yourself with your topics and ideas: Skype contact for the meeting: nikolay.h.georgiev Result from the meeting: Daniel […]

OSE Germany Status April 23

What we did last week? presented OSE in FabLab Aachen. Good discussion afterwards. Main critique point for OSE Germany was TÜV certification – we have to find solutions as open community. René Bohne explains the Fabscan 3D Scanner. See photos. attended talk on planned obsolescence by Wolfram Schwenzer in FabLab Köln. Shared contacts. See photos. […]

OSE Germany Status April 16

What we did last week? planned trip to Aachen, Bonn and Köln Gerd Wessling from Transition Towns Germany offered that we present OSE at the next Transition Towns conference. Kamala near Dresden offered land, living places and a workshop for OSE purposes. Albrecht von Sydow offered that we organize a half-day workshop in Wendland where […]

Visiting Aachen, Bonn, Cologne

Next week (16.-22. April) I will go to the north west part of Germany in Aachen, Bonn, Köln and possibly others to meet with different people and organizations who are doing any of the following: want or are developing sustainable technologies for the people in the sectors: agriculture, house building, renewable energy, transport, manufacturing engineers […]

Status 10. April

What we did last week? accidentally met a maker in the train, who loved the OSE vision and wants to help OSE was well received in Wendland, a second meeting is in planning met with Frithjof Bergmann about developing unused land in South Africa the Wind Turbine project is developing, we need 500 Euros for […]

Frithjof Bergmann and development in South Africa

Frithjof Bergmann is working world-wide since 30 years on New Work New Culture with main vision the transformation from Industrial to small-scale community production creating a new self-determined and meaningful life-style and culture. At the end of this week he will go to South Africa to suggest how to develop a huge unused land area […]

Wendland and Open Source Ecology

I presented Open Source Ecology to few people in Wendland and they really liked it. Now we are planning a follow-up meeting with makers and companies. Wendland is known in Germany for the planned disposal of nuclear waste. Because of this problem many people here are very aware on sustainability topics. 25% of the produced […]

Connecting in Berlin Nov. 2012

I, Nikolay, am in Berlin till the end of November, possibly longer. The main goals in Berlin are: 1) find the people who want to develop Open Source Technologies and/or an OSE Workshop (OpenEcoLab, the Open Source TechShop). 2) find the Organizations, who want to or are developing Open Source Technologies – cooperations, associations and […]

OSEG as Open Network

One of the main goals of the Open Source Ecology Germany movement is to build the open network for collaborative development of the technologies. When we say open it means that everything in the network is accessible to everyone and everyone who wants to is able to participate. We believe that only through openness and […]

Call for an Open Source Economy

Dear Friends, it is high time for change and to start to work on what really matters. This is a 16 minutes comprehensive video introduction to the What, Why, Who and How of Open Source Ecology. Watch it, understand it better, spread it and participate! For English Subtitles: just click the “Captions” button of the […]

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